8 Scary Computer Viruses Images

Computer viruses are scary, not only that they will cause damage to information in your computer, but also they will cost users millions of dollars used in cleaning those infected computers. In this post, I am going to show you the scariest computer viruses images.

8 Scary Computer Viruses Images

Here are the scary computer viruses images.


This virus was introduced in n the late 80s and early 90s. When installed, it would cause characters in DOS to drop to the bottom of the screen, rendering computing useless while it was doing that, a process it repeated periodically. 



This virus was not doing much damage to the computers, instead, it produced the startling image of a red-faced man’s narrowed eyes, then displayed the text ‘Nothing can save you here, friend – you’re in my world now.’

madman 8 Scary Computer Viruses Image


This is another early 90s virus, what it did was that it took control of the user’s screen and, after a long and profane welcome message, informed them in very large lettering that their system had been infected with AIDS.



This virus attacked mobile phones using Symbian OS. Skulls acted by replacing icons on the screen with skulls-and-crossbones images and rendering standard applications unusable.

scull 8 Scary Computer Viruses Image


This virus also used to affect the DOS system, most people believed that it was harmless to computers.

The only message you could see on the infected computer was: “… T.TEQUILA’s latest production. Contact T.TEQUILA/P.o.Box 543/6312 St’hausen Switzerland. Loving thought to L.I.N.D.A. BEER and TEQUILA forever !” 



When the virus is run, it infects the first uninfected DOS executable by writing itself to the beginning of the file. It ignores files smaller than the virus itself.

When the user attempts to run the very first infected program, the virus decrypts and overwrites it with the payload code, which would appear in a lot of various colorful lines of the text.

kuku 8 Scary Computer Viruses Image

Kuku produced multi-colored tiles that slowly filled the screen while incessantly blinking the word ‘Kuku!’, which means pick-a-boo in Russian.


It is a harmless non-memory resident parasitic polymorphic Win32 virus. It searches for PE executable files in directories on C: Drive and in Windows and Windows system directories and infects them. While infecting the virus writes itself in the files.

It executed its payload by ‘drawing’ all of the library of Windows icons in random patterns across the screen. 



Gruel, also known as Fakerr is a dangerous email worm on some Microsoft Windows (Win32) machines that began spreading in 2003, targeting Windows 98 and later. The worm arrives on the user’s system as an attachment in an email claiming to be an important update from Microsoft.



That is it, those are the 8 scary computer viruses images, which one do you think is the scariest? let me know in the comment section below.

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